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this is my A t%shirt 这句话有错误 在哪里

this t_shirt is orange the color of this t_shirt is orange

This is my red T-shirt. 这是我的红色T恤衫。注意标点符号和大小写。

这是我的T恤。。 句子首字母大写。。This T-shirt

去掉an This t-shirt is orange. 这件T恤衫是橙色的。

ls this my t-shirt? yes,this is.


is this my T-shirt?

Hi,my name is Hu Haiyue.I am in Class 1 Grade 4 .I have many clothes.I have a blue shirt and blue trousers.I have many colorful clothes too.I like my yellow sweater with white skirt best.There are some red flowers and blue butt...

这句英语正确吗This is nice t-shirt? 不对,nice t-shirt 前面要加不定冠a。 This is a nice t-shirt?

Is this your T-shirt?Yes,it is mine

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