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think on your feet 反应迅速, 行动敏捷果断 think on your feet 从你的角度思考/驻足思考

think on their feet 思考他们的步伐 Engineers are assigned to its Formula One racing division to encourage them to think on their feet. 工程师们被分配在一级方程式赛车部门,以鼓励他们快速做出决定。

think on one's feet 意思是:站立着思考 on one's feet 意思是:站立着 希望可以帮到你 望采纳

think on one's feet [美语]立刻作答;头脑反应很快,脑子很快,才思敏捷;行动迅速果断 think on your feet 思维敏捷 例句: There's no time to consult reference books; you have to think on your feet in this job. 没有时间翻阅参考书了...

think on his feet: 行动敏捷果断;反应迅速



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