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stay on 这个短语由stay意思是呆在原地 而后加上了一个on的持续性状态 所以当这两个词组合在一起就形成了持续的呆在莫一种状态的意义 所以其引申义就是保持,持续

stay up, 呆在那,挂在那里了 。。。to stay in, 呆在哪里,等待。。。。room stay on 保持某种状态的呆。。。。fire 这是想到的理解,具体看句子

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stay on 继续 for介词,后面接时间段,意为一段时间。for 2 years 翻译为“两年”。 an additional two year = an additional two years' time 译为“又一个两年(的时间)”


stay on your toes 随时待命 ; Stay on your toes and be ready to respond if necessary. 留在你的脚趾头,并准备在必要时作出反应。

stay on course 保持既定路线;努力地保持原来的位置 例句筛选 1. and is learning what it takes to stay on course, and that doing theright thing is never the wrong choice. 并懂得了什么值得停留,做正确的是永远不是坏的选择。 3. They ...

stay on track 停留在轨道上 双语对照 例句: 1. Even if the 2011 target were met, that would still leave 16.5 billion to be found to stay on track. 即使西班牙成功达成了2011年的赤字目标,在新一年里也至少需要削减165亿欧元才能让西班...

stay on message 在消息 双语对照 例句: 1. Inside the Beltway, the ability to stay on message is a coveted trait. 2. No need to stay on message I can deal with several topics at once.

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