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nice is This T-shirt 。这个句子 This is nice T-shirt. 这是很好的T恤。

How nice your T-shirt is !

This T-shirt is nice.

形容词提前倒装 How nice a T-shirt it is! 名词提前倒装 What a nice T-shirt it is!

This T-shirt is nice.Can I(try it on 试穿 )? . .

应该填写is,T-shirt是第三人称单数,be动词应该用is。 满意请采纳,谢谢。

I love fashion so I want to live in a fashion (or fashionable) house. In fact the house I lived is very old and simple. My favourite primp is wearing T-shirt. As for the blue one that I wear is too small. I have one hund (hundr...

A 试题分析:句意,这是两个人之间的对话。第一个人说:“这件衬衣你穿上很漂亮。” 第二个人说: “谢谢。我认为这是第一件完全适合我的衬衣。”completely完全地hardly几乎不carefully小心地partly部分地,通过比较各个选项,故选A,最符合题意。...

一般疑问句: Have you got a nice T-shirt? 顺送感叹句: What a nice T-shirt I have got! 来自@思行享 公众号小编的专业回答。

Look at his T–shirt. A.it'sgood B.They are nice C.it'swonderful 看看他的T恤衫。他们是很好的c.it'swonderful a.it'sgood B.

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