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myFAthEr,myhEro 英语作文

Speaking of my hero, i have to talk about my father who plays a fairly important part in my life.He has always been there for me.When i was a little boy,bearly strong enough to stand,he used to look after me,because my mother w...

My father was my hero, all throughout my life. The father of eight children, he saw his share of strife. When I was very little, he appeared to be so large. In my eyes he could do anything, we all knew he was in charge. He was ...



Luther Vandross 的《Dance with my father》我很喜欢的一首歌,歌词很温馨感人,回忆父子之情的。给你个链接,希望能帮到你,即使帮不到,听听也可以带来身心享受。祝比赛成功。 http://hi.baidu.com/zuochamo/blog/item/e9772c34c5772f3c5ab5f...


My Father Is My Hero. Every child has a good and great father, aiul so do I. My dad played a very important role in my life, exactly speaking, in my past 15 years. And I have every reason to 'believe he is always my hero. My fa...

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