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look ovEr和look Down区别

区别是: look over 指的是检查,察看;从…上面看;温习。 look down 指的是俯视;向下看;用目光慑服某人;看跌 。后跟宾语时要加相应的介词。 例句辨析: look over 1、He could have looked over the papers in less than ten minutes. 他本可...

look over:从(某物上面)看过去; 仔细检查[审视](某人或某物); 过眼; 翻阅; look up:向上看; 改善; 拜访(某人); 查找; look down:俯视,跌价,用目光压倒; 薄;

look after 照顾 look for 寻找 look at 看 look out of the window 看窗外 look in the street 看街上

五、look 词组 1. look after 照顾,照料 2. look ahead 向前看,着眼未来 3. look as if 看上去好像 4. look at 看着 5. look around/about 四处看看,四下环顾 6. look back 回头看;回顾 7. look down upon(on) 看不起,轻视 8. look forward to...

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