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其实应该是find 和 found 的区别。 find 找到,发现-- found (过去式), found(过去分词) found 建造,创立 -- founded(过去式), founded(过去分词)

JOHN BOSS 英国“JOHN BOSS”系列品牌最早起源于1886年英国约克小镇JOHN家族,一个从事研究和制造的家族,及开发和销售于一体,主要产品为精品厨具、家庭生活用品和个人护理产品。

founded adj.有基础的; v.创办,成立(found的过去式和过去分词); 例句: 1. Founded in 1982, the organization first came to china in 1991. 该组织成立于1982年,1991年首次进入中国。 2. The hirschfeld siblings founded paperless post in ...

扣语法有何意义?跟人家说话还要顺便说一下语法? 成立于1950年,founded in 这种固定用法有什么好扣的?

found1 [faund] find 的过去式和过去分词 adj. 1. (艺术作品或材料)天然的,取之于自然的;随手可找到的;偶然(从自然环境)拾得的;现成的2. 装备好的,装备齐全的,配有家具的3. [英国英语]不另收费用的n.[英国英语](除工资之外还供应的)免费膳...

He didn't accept as well founded the charge made by some of his critics that ... 这是一个倒装句。原来的顺序是He didn't accept the charge as well founded [ 定语 made by some of his critics that ] made by some of his critics that...

set up 建立,多是指有形的 found 成立,成立什么会之类无形的 追问: The rich man ________ the hospital and a school in the town where he was born. The nursery was __ in our school. 这两个怎么填 追答: 两个各填一个? 前面 set up 后...

in 在哪年用介词 in


it was founded in1985 它成立于1985年 双语例句 1 Our company was founded in1985, it is an enterprise concerning the integrationof design, production and sales, specializes in producing series daily-useporcelain. 潮州市枫溪区一兰...

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