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attention很少作为关心的意思吧,应该是注意的引申,比如,thanks for your attention,谢谢你的关注.consideration是照顾照料的意思,care就是在乎了,concern是介意,在乎,的意思

this year a movie ——(concern) Mark Zuckerberg attacted pepole’s attention which is concerning 有关Mark Zuckerberg 的电影,表主动

Abstract SCM since the 20th century since the advent of the 1970s, with its high cost performance, by the people's attention and concern, a...

多多关照 I'd appreciate your help更多释义>> [网络短语] 多多关照 A lot of attention;More concern 请大家多多关照 Many asks everybody to care ...

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