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as it is 1.really;in reality事实上 *We hoped that things would get better,but as it is, they are getting worse.我们本希望情况会好转的,但是事实上,现在情况正在恶化。 *He seemed to be around fifty, but as it was, he was o...

as it was 因为它是 双语例句 1 Is this room exactly as it was then? 这房间与当时完全一样吗? 2 Was that as weird for you as it was for me? 你是不是也像我一样觉得很奇怪?

as it is和in fact是同义词,as it is是美国口语。 意义及用法: as it is [美国口语]按现状;照原样;照现在的样子,就照这样子;没有任何变化;未加改变;未加装饰 同近义词:in fact, in practice, in reality, in the concrete 副词as it is...

1.你的题目有点问题,应该是混合了as is known to all,……句型和It is known to all that……句型。 1)前者as is known to all作状语,后面是跟一个完整句子的,例如::As is known to all,the earth is round. 整个去掉也成立。 后面一句是主句;...

as...as it was possible to be的中文翻译 as...as it was possible to be 尽可能地被....; 为…因为它是可能的 双语例句 1 It was headlined, ' We have to be as transparent as possible. 这个采访的标题是:我们会尽可能的透明。 2 Her cloth...

take the world as it is [英][teik ðə wɜː(r)ld æz it iz][美][tek ði wɜrld æz ɪt ɪz] 随遇而安,听其自然; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. While intelligence merely proposes to take t...

leave it as it is 离开它 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 保持原状,不要动它。 例句: 1. It's just as it was on talk. 他们好像刚刚还在呼叫。

as is shown 如图所示,这个是正确的,固定搭配 希望对你有帮助uo~

vi.担心,焦虑; 为…发愁; 撕咬; vt.使烦恼; 烦扰; 撕咬; vi不及物动词, vt.及物动词,后可直接接宾语:worry me

as it shows

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