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80 初中英语课本pDF

ctive work can't help you,'said Holmes,rather coldly.

现在英语书都是现版的 可能买不到了 问一些有几十年的英语老师借吧 可能能借到

好好学 语法搞懂搞透 其它的不断练习和拓展



我初二初三时英语还是不错的。其实没什么技巧,就是花时间,用心。记得那时早读读短文很有劲,就是早背会才好。平时甚至准备了一个小笔记本,随时带在身上,主要是记单词和短语,没事就拿出来看看。 提高成绩不要成为进一步学习的阻碍,试着培养...


怎么大家现在对韩梅梅,李磊都情有独钟啊 额 那鹦鹉没说是谁的 就突然蹦出来喊一嗓子 自由人吧~~

Through the network,we can search for useful datas and get to know the current events.When you play computer games after a long-time work,it can relieve your pressure and make you feel relaxed.Besides,playing online games is no...

My dream house is a villa which lies on the coast.There are two yards in the villa.The front yard is a garden with many beautiful flowers an plants for the four seasons. There is a swimming pool in the back yard,as my family ar...

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