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1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen 16 sixteen 17 seventeen 18 eighteen 19 nineteen 20 twenty 21 twenty-one 22 twenty-two 23 twenty-three ...

1.one 2.two 3.three 4.four 5.five 6.six 7.seven 8.eight 9.nine 10.ten 11.eleven 12.twelve 13.thirteen 14.forteen 15.fifteen 16.sixteen 17.seventeen 18.eighteen 19.ninteen 20.twenty 希望能帮到你! 都是我一个字一个字打出来的! 如...


one ,two ,three,four ,five ,six,seven ,eight ,nine ,ten . eleven ,twelve.thirteen .fourteen .fifteen .sixteen.seventeen. eighteen .nineteen .twenty. thirty.forty.fifty.sixty.seventy.eighty.ninty.one hundred.

周六下午1:30-3:30上英语课 There is English class at 1:30-3:30 on Saturday afternoon

In twentieth Century 80 in the early 1990s, meta cognition only by domestic scholars, scholars of metacognition and English reading research focused on the following aspects: (1) 关于元认知与阅读效果关系的研究 (1) the study o...

one,two,three,four,five, six,seven,eight,nine,ten, eleven,twelve,thirteen,fourteen,fifteen, sixteen,seventeen,eighteen,nineteen,twenty, twenty-one,twenty-two,twenty-three,twenty-four,twenty-five, twenty...

31. Students with financial problems are troubled by high tuition ( fees ). 经济有困难的学生们常因昂贵的学费而困扰.

January,twenty seventeen

星期一 Monday 星期二 Tuesday 星期三 Wednesday 星期四 Thursday 星期五 Friday 星期六 Saturday 星期日 Sunday 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O 有不会的欢迎再继续问我(*^__^*)

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