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在英语中是A liBrAry还是An liBrAry

是a,因为library前面是辅音 ibrary 英[ˈlaɪbrəri] 美[ˈlaɪbreri] n. 藏书; 图书馆,藏书楼; 书屋,书斋; 图书出租处;

Do you have a library? 你们有图书馆吗?

这应该属于电脑问题不是英语问题: A project with an Output Type of Class Library cannot be started directly 翻译:一个输出类型的类库项目不能被立即执行 帮你网上搜索了一下原因,以下答案来自maritimesun的专栏 “把类库项目作为起始项目...

library的发音: 英[ˈlaɪbrəri] 美[ˈlaɪbreri] 由此可见,library中a的发音在英式英语中念丨ə丨,而在美式发音中念丨e丨。


a是泛指,the 是特指,文中的图书馆是特指,明白了吗

my favorite library when i'm free i usually go to library to study english,because library is a good place to learn knowledge.i'll carefully read some useful words and sentences.sometimes i like to read magazines,sometimes i li...

there are many libraries in our school

First, go out of my home. Then take a bus to the library. Next you look for the book in the library. After that u bring the book to librarian. And then the librarian make a record and give you that book.Finally you got what you...

It was a small old library, it had rows upon rows of book shelves. The doors to it was revolving, and the minute you entered you saw the front desk. Near the front desk was revolving shelf that had the new books, and audio book...

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