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你说的是Soulja Boy的crank that,之前我也找了很久,一开始听到这首歌是被它的伴奏登登登的节奏吸引。

应该是Blue的All Rise

。。。S&M? Havana?

Respirator - Flo Rida All my money (Uh) I want all my cash I need all my money (Uh) I want all my cash And you can lea' yo ass (Whoa) She said it was her cousin (Whoa) All along that nigga was her man (Whoa) Played me...

Air Balloon 播放 歌手:Lily Allen 语言:英语 所属专辑:Air Balloon - Single

all rise bule的

Good goodbye-林肯公园,这个吗?

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle 我只是有点不知所措 Life is a maze and love is a riddle 生活是一个迷宫,爱情是其中的一个谜 I don't know where to go 我不知道该去哪里 Can't do it alone 我一个人做不到 I've tried but i do...

laugh someday at the way they’d met‐but until then,

Stop Pretending - Vicci Martinez Woke up in a riddle Without knowing what to do Stuck solving a puzzle with no clues I'm right in the middle Of every dream becoming true But it all means so little without you I'd never say thes...

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