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supper 英[ˈsʌpə(r)] 美[ˈsʌpɚ] n. 晚饭,晚餐; 夜点心; 晚餐会; [例句]Some guests like to dress for supper. 一些客人喜欢穿礼服去赴晚宴。Y See Usage Note at meal.见meal的用法说明 [其他] 复数:suppers

晚饭,晚餐短语有:have/eat supper---吃晚饭,cook/make supper-----做晚饭,after supper---晚饭后,before/by supper---晚饭前....


to eat chicken for supper healthy food asked about doesn't like become fat

We have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and supper. Breakfast is in the morning. Lunch is at noon and supper is in the evening. We have vegetables and meat every day. So we are healthy. 我们每天吃三餐饭:早餐、中餐和晚餐。早...

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