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英文歌,是男的唱的!里面有句是:I Don't wAnt lEt y...

高品质Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release] mp3资源 已为楼主上传至百度云 http://pan.baidu.co...

歌曲: No Promises 歌手: Shayne Ward 下载地址: http://faguo.foosun.net/images/lion/no.mp3 Hey baby, when we are together, doing things that we love. Every time you're near I feel like I’m in heaven, feeling high I don’t want to ...

The Fault In Our Stars Troye Sivan

I Don’t Want To Let You Down 表演者: Sharon Van Etten 流派: 民谣 专辑类型: 单曲

歌曲:I Don't Wanna Let You Go 歌手:Ross Copperman应该是这首吧

有可能是 say you won't go-james arthur

歌名叫《Sound of My Dream》,是一首经典DISCO单曲。 歌手:clubringer I I want to go 我,我想离开 I want to run 我想逃跑 Run to the places where I can be 跑到那个我属于的地方 I want to know 我想知道 What is the sound 什么是声音 S...

free loop 里面有楼主你说的这歌词

问题中描述的歌词出自歌曲《Never Let You Go》,演唱者为Dima Bilan,俄罗斯歌手。歌曲收录在专辑《Время-река》中,于2006年01月01日发行。 歌词如下: Heavy clouds, no rain And every move causes pain Ready kiss, but no love I feel I’m...

Megan Nicole唱的Never Wanna Let You Go

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