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Relax the body and spirit, to divert attention, not to think of something to make you unhappy, you can do things their own interest

Transfer attention

翻译如下 我会做别的事情了转移注意力 I'll do something else in order to distract my attention

I really have been trying to divert attention, how to want to a person when you are not in quiet is. 艾 瑞咧 还无 本 除艾樱 图 迪弗勒腾身,好 图 王特 图 额 曝恶神 问 有 而 闹特 因 快艾特 is

pay no attention to+doing

翻译:I always don't concentrate my attention in class. concentratevt.& vi.集中; 专心于; 注意; 聚集; 词组: concentrate one's attention 集中某人注意力 补充:in class 在课堂上 in the class 在教室里 in hospital 住院 in the hospita...

1.注意力を勉强に集中ぃてください。 转移可用:移す、移転(いてん)、~にする 等。这里用集中即可。 2.~~方面について、もっと顽张ってください。

谈话没有吸引我的注意力(比如说) ----- Not at all did their talk attract my attention. -------- My attention wasn't drawn to their talk.


注意力下降,考试成绩不理想 Attention drops, examination result is not ideal 英 [aiˈdiəl] 美 [aɪˈdiəl, aɪˈdil] adj. 理想的,完美的; 被认为是最好的; 完全或相当令人满意的; 想象的,假设的; n. 理想;...

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