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Relax the body and spirit, to divert attention, not to think of something to make you unhappy, you can do things their own interest

鍬咎泌和 厘氏恂艶議並秤阻廬卞廣吭薦 I'll do something else in order to distract my attention

I really have been trying to divert attention, how to want to a person when you are not in quiet is. 穐 誹炒 珊涙 云 茅穐咤 夕 杵献責木附挫 夕 藍蒙 夕 駆 敦具舞 諒 嗤 遇 綴蒙 咀 酔穐蒙 is

pay no attention to+doing

draw his attention to 廬卞(麿議)廣吭薦欺....

鍬咎I always don't concentrate my attention in class. concentratevt.& vi.鹿嶄; 廨伉噐; 廣吭; 詔鹿; 簡怏: concentrate one's attention 鹿嶄蝶繁廣吭薦 温割in class 壓仁銘貧 in the class 壓縮片戦 in hospital 廖垪 in the hospita...

廣朕澆鬚困蕕靴泙 ちゅうもくせんをずらします。

distract distrack Mary from thinking of it.廬卞Mary 議廣吭薦斑慢音壅肇訥琶臓 dis‧tract [transitive] to take someone's attention away from something by making them look at or listen to something else: Try not to distra...

匯違栖讐揖勧咎埀哘鞭狛廨壇議岼匍儺膳旺醤姥參和殆嵎 1、奢糞議褒囂嬬薦才笥遊燕器嬬薦才勧咎埀斤囂冱翌囂嚥銚囂議俺彌嬬薦勣膿。斤噐仟伏並麗勣湖佶箸旺式扮芝廖匯乂仟療仟囂議燕器。緩翌葎阻嬬諸効窟冱宀揖勧咎埀議讐三堀業匯...

The students always couldn't concentrate on their teachers when attending classes,because they always thought about surfing on the internet.

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