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以z w j 为英文开头,组成一个句子..

parts and parts of parts are all

My life is so full of zest because of you, I love how you make me feel like you are my personal x-rated lover!

Failure is the mother of success.

Olympic Games are commonly known as the major international sports competition in the world. London will be the host city of Olympic Games for 2012. Youth Games in Olympic Games only started from 2010. Medal ceremony only be he。

你这个好像隐藏了比如“我爱朱勘之类的意思! 不妨大胆表白: “ I love you Zhu Jun ! ” 人名其实就是汉语拼音,每个字的第一个字母要大写! Ok 了!

If there’s zero human remain in this journey except us, will you say yes? 如果这场旅途中除了我们就没有人类了,你会说你愿意吗?

let zeal wake 让热情醒来 将热情唤醒 这两种翻译

We live with zeal and joy. 我们带着热心和欢乐活着

We like supporting zealous youths.我们喜欢支持热情的年轻人。

Zephyr as you are, joyness as you offer, bride you will be/ best couple we can be/ best life i can give. 好像幼稚了点。。。嘿嘿加油呀,拿下她~

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