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以z w j 为英文开头,组成一个句子..

parts and parts of parts are all



用J.L.Y开头的英文单词组成一句关于爱情的英文短语是Just love you只爱你。just英 [d??st] 美 [d??st] adv.正好; 刚才; 仅仅,只是; 刚要adj.公正的,合理的; 恰当的; 合法的; 正确的

哇,好好玩的题 Jump into your lover's arms, hold your lover tightly and tell her you will always cherish her JUMP HOLD CHERISH 这三个词哈如果要求chj开头的英语单词,好难啊!啥单词是chj开头啊 !


silly zombie criminal

Zero degree isn't the freezing point of our love cause your lips will ignite dormient passion. Eyes in eyes, hands in hands, with u besides, nothing to lose. Quiet is my nature while crazy is too, when I'm with u. Zillions of t...

1。 x-ray is a stream of such photons, used for their penetrating power in radiography, radiology, radiotherapy, and scientific research. . X光照片是X射线一束X光射线,可利用其穿透能力,应用到放射线照相术、放射学和放射疗法以及科...

let zeal wake 让热情醒来 将热情唤醒 这两种翻译

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