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以z w j 为英文开头,组成一个句子..

My life is so full of zest because of you, I love how you make me feel like you are my personal x-rated lover!

His world Need Love Zeal Just

Love is angle Zero passion&money Do it,please. Between us We are happy and harmony. 爱情是神圣的, 不以金钱和欲望为代价, 加油吧, 你和我,心连心, 甜蜜蜜!



x-ray can see the inside of you, i do too. zealous is the thing can stay between us for evermore. loving u my dear and standing behind u forever waiting for me here, and i aint going there.

let zeal wake 让热情醒来 将热情唤醒 这两种翻译

用J.L.Y开头的英文单词组成一句关于爱情的英文短语是Just love you只爱你。just英 [d??st] 美 [d??st] adv.正好; 刚才; 仅仅,只是; 刚要adj.公正的,合理的; 恰当的; 合法的; 正确的

However in reality, the government cannot do all specific plans and money allocations on every detail concerning the society running. It only has the right of macro-adjustment and control. To be specific on the road constructio...

Zwitter(German)-Rammstein Zombie-小红莓 人的口味各有不同,本身Z大头的歌曲就不多。

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