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温馨提示 英语怎么说

Kindly Reminder ;Warm prompt ;warm tips;警方温馨提示:Friendly Tips

friendly reminder

「温馨提示」 "Warm prompt" 「温馨提示」 "Warm prompt"

Some tips Please attention


Warmly remind

look out 小心

Please kindly remember: Please do not smoke in the bed or throw lit cigarrett butt on the carpet. If any damage is done to the beddings or the carpet due to smoking, a fine will be charged accordingly.

Warm prompt:1.The code of wifi of this room is12345678 2.Please turn off the air-condition, tap and electricial equipments before you leave the room. 3.Don't forget to bring the key with you and your luxury goods. 4.Don't smoke...

Warm Tips Tips本来就可以了,你既然要温馨,就加个warm吧。

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