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请帮我检查英文句子文法 帮我修正为对的句子 (文法...

lifeEnglishman的英语很好,表达比较地道,我只从语法层面上给你修改: 第一篇时态有点乱,最好用一般过去时,比如: I pay a lot of attention to watch and observing every child’s action and emotion.最好改为: I paid a lot of attention ...

Down the ladder of the bunk bed climbed my sister, who was barely one year elder than my brother, in a groggy pace. 还是应该说Down climbed my sister from the ladder of the bunk bed. 两句哪个对还是都可以 两个句子都成立,但意思却...

Women's groups in Malaysia are against sexual customs. Do women bully women?

and is full of要加个is,以区别于has became应该用becomes,这里应该用一般现在时,因为是描述一个事实 food应该用复数foods,因为是说多种食品之一 welcome应该是welcomed因为这里是被动态,所以要用过去分词。


His distrust and continuous spying on led to a fundamental conflict between them which caused the increasing fear of her wife and her accidental shooting at him. Despite that, as described at the end of the story, the lawyer, a...

There is nothing can be achieved unless you got luck Children can easily attracted by new thing. One broken promise one broken friendship. 这些句子都可以有很多别的形式的

这个有语法问题,有点乱。有两个主语, 或用两个谓。 给出原文的中文。这个英语陈述很难懂,不合语法。



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