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think safe safe and sound Securita 希腊女神,平静和安全的象征

这个游戏我也玩! 上面第一行 INSPIRE TWO SIMS 激活你的两个sims 就是游戏里的你自创的人物 第一段 快速找到你的sims正在挣得力量(就是他们游戏里吃饭什么的时候 他们状态格子就会跳跃变色并且加满 就是正在“挣力量”) 满足两个sims的所有需求...

"我们协会的名字是大学生就业创业协会." "The name of our association is called The Employment and Entreprenuership Association of the Undergraduates." “大学生就业创业协会” "The Employment and Entreprenuership Association of the U...

环境保护问题,对某一个单独的国家,或者单独的个人来说,都是一个太大的问题。 在我们目前所处的阶段,保护环境的唯一途径,就是将其提升至国际事务层面。 针对以上说法,你是赞成,还是反对,请加以详细表述。

The audit of factory A falls on June 5 and the audit of another factory falls on June 10. I will send the factory information to the auditors.

Qianyu & Bill Warren - 两个人名,一中一外 10N875 - 房子的地址,即门牌号 S. Belmont Ave. - 街道名:贝尔蒙南路 S. 代表South Elgin. - 城镇名:埃尔金市,芝加哥的卫星城 IL. - 伊利诺伊州,全称为 Illinois USA - 美国 60123 - 美国的Zip ...

It will take two weeks to apply for visas, and on the other hand, the Chinese New Year is coming, many employees in our company will ask for leave, so could you please arrange the meeting time in late February? (仅供参考) 纯...

As the first week of January is the holiday week, it is preferable to put the meeting in the second week of the month.

Talking about this product unique is that where we are most proud of, this is our 4-year results. When you lie on a special bed for our products, the entire people will float, which is why we use a combination of electromagneti...

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