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1.你们想要来点喝的吗? Would you like something to drink? 2.你要的三明治,是要大的还是小的? Would you like small sandwich or a big one? 3.你不应该用筷子指人。 You shouldn't_______ _______ _______anyone with your chopsticks. 4....

In accordance with the new rules of our company, the financial department will issue payment only after the signing of this agreement; the financial department had been instructed to amend the contents of the agreement, kindly ...

还是不要用not only,but also了吧,而且你的but(also)是用在but more important吗,这样不好哦,一般是用来连接两个并列成分的。不过时态是没错的,我懂你的这个意思,但也不一定需要not noly,but also,可以那么说“Though I have passed cet4...

Our concern is that many of the files/documents aren't available from us. If you can't accept it, then we'll have to refuse to examining and verifying it. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟!请记得采纳,多谢!

环境保护问题,对某一个单独的国家,或者单独的个人来说,都是一个太大的问题。 在我们目前所处的阶段,保护环境的唯一途径,就是将其提升至国际事务层面。 针对以上说法,你是赞成,还是反对,请加以详细表述。

think safe safe and sound Securita 希腊女神,平静和安全的象征

He confirmed that the company will not attend the meeting the day after tomorrow in nanjing.

我也是8.1生的~有些地方是意译的哦~ I will study Computer Science and Technology in America. I choose America for this major since computer technology in America is more developped than that in China. I can not tell the differenc...

你的例子加上介词on 或 in 则表示在句子里了。 (题外话:要是明确后面的时间用on 不明确则用in,而且书面数字18后要跟th,其它的不规范) 要是书面写的话直接用June 18th 要是口述的话说成June Eighteenth

1、Mr yang requires the students to talk about Health in English in class so that let them know more about this passage on Health. 2、I am often have a stomachache,especially on a irregular diet.Everytime i suffer so pain that ...

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