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混凝土浇筑 英文

凝土浇筑 [词典] concreting; concrete pouring; concrete placement; [例句]与系梁混凝土浇筑的基础,不留施工缝不断。 The foundation with a tie beam concrete casting, does not keep the construction joint continually

板缝混凝土浇筑 Concrete pouring seam 英 [si:m] 美 [sim] n. 曾,节理; 接缝,接合处; 线缝; 裂缝; vt. 缝合,接合; 使产生裂缝; 焊合; 裂开; vi. 裂开,发生裂痕;

'placing, vibrating & compacting concrete simultaneously' or 'to place, vibrate & compact concrete simultaneously'

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