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1、Can you tell me when does the train leave? 2、I don't think he will come. 3、It was I who found the lost book yesterday. 4、They were watching TV when Mom came in.

1 I think that cloning animal nutritional value of food and animal food are not much different from the conventional. 1我认为克隆动物食品的营养价值和常规动物食品没多大差别。 2 I think the cloning technology can guarantee food q...

One and/plus one is two. One and/plus one equals two. One and/plus one makes two.

We are in the same grade but in different classes. What do you think of your teachers? They are good. Let's buy clothes during on sale. When is your uncle's birthday? It's on December 9th. The clothes we are selling are very ch...

据报道,许多野生动物正处于灭绝的危险中 It is reported that many wild animals are in danger of extinction

正在使用发音 1. china is such a beautiful and romantic country, do you like it? 2. I love this beautiful China so much. How about you?

When do you begin to study English? Do you like the musical program yesterday evening? Chinese characters' writing needs lots of practice. She used to think writing Chinese characters difficult. Chinese characters' seem very in...


1 When did you buy the umbrella ? 2 He always has lunch at his office . 3 When did you meet her ? 4 Mrs Smith lost her handbag the day before yesterday . 5 I am going to my sister's tomorrow . **********************************...

1. What did you do on Saturday? 2. What did you do on Sunday? 3. What did you usually do on Wednesday?

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