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1.Then,we had some extracurricular work. 2.I think that wearing cotton material clothes is very comfortable. 3.This kind of colors make the T-shirt looks bright and colorful. 4.I am in the clothes whose style is from the 80th.

1.你们想要来点喝的吗? Would you like something to drink? 2.你要的三明治,是要大的还是小的? Would you like small sandwich or a big one? 3.你不应该用筷子指人。 You shouldn't_______ _______ _______anyone with your chopsticks. 4....

二十年后,一本名为“女士”的杂志横空问世,编辑这样解释道:“对于具有个人认可思想的女人而言,MS.(女士)现已成为一种标准称呼,因为她们不想被发现自己是否已婚。” 根据这份记录中的部分重要信息可得知在宗教仪式上可能就已经进行了各种早期...

Yaodu District of Linfen City, Shanxi Province, Xiangyang Road, Wan District Council Room 201 of Building 13 这是在Google上翻译的 http://translate.google.com/translate_t

There might be other people check/move/live in later (depending on what kind of room, hotel-check in; residencial- move/live in)

In order to make a purchase, click proceed to checkout. Fill out the required information 为了进行购买,点击 ‘proceed(继续)' 进行结算。填写所需的信息 我填写送货地址了,是香港,然而计算出的运费是“Hong Kong Post $15.63”?你不是说...

1、Can you tell me when does the train leave? 2、I don't think he will come. 3、It was I who found the lost book yesterday. 4、They were watching TV when Mom came in.

一.can you spell name? my hair is black. what's that in Chinese? what color is your quilt? this is an apple. 二.1.what color is your pen? 2.the key is yellow. 3 (这句有点问题,是不是打错了) this is a purple 4.can you spell it,p...

我对你比她们好,只是你没跟我在一起不了解我 我不拥挤 ,我会让你进来。 I to you is better than them, you just don't with I don't know me I don't crowded, I'll let you in.


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