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正确的表达应为:My experience demonstrates a truth that campus activing can improve your abilities. 原句的错误很多,用词不单、句子语法结构有误。

I used to dream in their own businesses on the road further and further high, even bother this person in the X ** full land development, I think the rich want to squeeze into the vice minister of top 100, all-powerful in the fl...

1I have a classmate named Kate whose mother was a teacher of mine.

If going to university doesn't work out, student pay very little if any of their tution fees back. 意思是:如果上大学不成功,学生们只需支付很少的学费。

1. By fall,I was ready to by again. 1.秋天,我已经准备好了。 2. A little bruised,A little humbled. 2.有点淤青,有点自卑。 3. And,hopefully,a little smarter. 3.所示。,希望有点聪明。 4. I belere we write our own stories. 4.所示。我...

Would you take the money or would you take what losing the money has given you? 你会拿这些钱吗?还是你会拿这些钱给你带来的损失?

Besides a stable classroom,the difference between a university and a senior middle school is that you'll never get a teacher watching on you,as a result the time after class is controlled all by yourself,it's time to test your ...



译文一:我寻求爱,其次是因为爱能解除孤独---在这种可怕的孤独中,一颗颤抖的良心在世界的边缘,注视着下面冰凉、毫无生气、望不见底的深渊。 译文二:我追求爱情,又因为它减轻孤独感---那种一个颤抖的灵魂望着世界边缘之外冰冷而无生命的无底...

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