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正确的表达应为:My experience demonstrates a truth that campus activing can improve your abilities. 原句的错误很多,用词不单、句子语法结构有误。

Would you take the money or would you take what losing the money has given you? 你会拿这些钱吗?还是你会拿这些钱给你带来的损失?

1. By fall,I was ready to by again. 1.秋天,我已经准备好了。 2. A little bruised,A little humbled. 2.有点淤青,有点自卑。 3. And,hopefully,a little smarter. 3.所示。,希望有点聪明。 4. I belere we write our own stories. 4.所示。我...


If going to university doesn't work out, student pay very little if any of their tution fees back. 意思是:如果上大学不成功,学生们只需支付很少的学费。


各位尊敬的老师,各位志愿者和同学们,你们好!首先我要感谢大家给我这次机会,让我拥有能够跟大家一起学习,一起共享这个难得的机会。 我先自我介绍一下,我交蔡佩延,来自印度尼西亚。我是爱乐志愿者的成员之一,平时主要负责秘书这方面的工作...


1 i often draw pictures with my classmates as well as play games and discuss questions with them. 2 in my opinion, a good teacher should be friendly and patient, what's more, he should be knowledgeable / well informed.

English is the bridge for global communication. Moreover, there is this touch of beauty that is so unique and subtle about this language.

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