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后半句是没有语法问题的。前半句我认为应该是:“No Matter how my pate ease is”

整体表达很不错,虽然句子不算高档,内容也略显干巴,但失误不多。 必须修改的失误有两处—— my 【most多余,去掉】 favoriate【最喜爱的,本身就是最高级】 【On 】Spring Festivel——【During the】 Spring Festivel

and is full of要加个is,以区别于has became应该用becomes,这里应该用一般现在时,因为是描述一个事实 food应该用复数foods,因为是说多种食品之一 welcome应该是welcomed因为这里是被动态,所以要用过去分词。

heard需要换成hears It can be seen that everyone who hears encouragement can feel warm.


确实,语法必须结合语境和想要表达的意思一并考量;不知道句子所为何来很难帮你改写,就连指出 “可能存在” 值得商榷之处,都只能凭借语感。 have understood; grounded on in front of has got to fall; that 正确 but 整句结构 suggested 后面...

I wasted a day time on reading novel yesterday。Today I must finish my assignment before reading novel and watching movie。 读小说用read,看电影用watch。

有错误啊! when walking 或 when I was walking

没有语法错误 They had rushed up to her and tried to steal her handbag 是以they为主语的 while she was having a picnic at the edge of a forest with her children 是表示 she 的状态

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