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I learn about how to cook from my mother. 我从妈妈那学习怎么做饭


not only .....but also 的倒装语序是连接两个句子,life只是一个名词,不能这么用,I not only learn about English but also life


Despite the cultural conflicts between the Orient and the Occident,there do exist some admirable ingredients in the Western culture. First and foremost,the equality between parents and children.The parents are not always superi...

正常生活情况使用know about,表示我知道了,我了解到了 learn about比较学术,针对学到了某些知识点,有用的信息

Learning English and Learning About English? We are learning English,not about English. A student can know all about English. And he may not be able to speak English. The people who only learn about English take English as a su...

一 1 victim      2 physician      3 analyse      4 defeat      5 challenge    &nbs...

Learning about Language Ⅰ.根据句意及首字母提示补全单词 1.The dog b________ him and made his leg bleed. 2.Soon an a________came and took the injured driver to the hospital as quickly as possible. 3.A vein(血管)in his neck was...

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